Wayne Oxenham, President, North America | Orion Health

We recruited Dave into a new role as Vice President, Sales Excellence in Feb 2016 to help Orion Health establish high performance sales processes and management systems that would help us scale our growth. Dave made tremendous progress in establishing a consistent global sales process and deploying Strategic Selling® methodology. He completely overhauled CRM for improved sales productivity and alignment with the new sales process. With Dave’s help, we’ve increased pipeline visibility and quality YoY through better pipeline analysis and cadence. Dave has been a consummate professional, an excellent team player within the sales team and cross-functionally, and a valued member of my leadership team. I’d highly recommend Dave as an outstanding candidate for any Sales Excellence/Operations role as he can make a huge impact to the disciplined performance of a sales organization.

Tom Kane, VP Global Sales | Virtek Vision International

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Dave. He is one of those rare folks that possesses the combination of strategic high level thinking and attention to detail. His cool under pressure and even keel approach to situations where there is either tension or crisis, makes you want Dave to be involved in every project that you undertake. A true professional Dave defines the term senior manager. Willing to mentor and teach others as well as learn from those around him.  I personally would like the opportunity to work with Dave again in the future.

Jon Hunter, WW Head of Sales, Digital Service Mgmt | BMC Software

Dave was a key member of my leadership team as my Chief of Staff at CA Technologies, and subsequently, he led the Services Operations team for me at OpenText. He is a professional team player and operational expert that can quickly and effectively implement strategic ideas into the sales management system. Dave was able to design and implement an outstanding sales performance management system with very limited resources which became the basis for our sales coaching initiatives. He also introduced our team to the concept of mental toughness training which was incredibly impactful. I would unconditionally recommend Dave as an outstanding candidate for any organization pursing the next level performance for their sales and/or services teams.

Jyllene Miller, SVP Marketing & Client Engagement | Concentrix

Dave is a highly driven and effective Senior Sales Executive. His leadership abilities are paramount. Dave has an uncanny ability to quickly understand circumstance and what needs to be done to drive strategic partnerships and results.

Dave Ball, VP Demand Generation | GFI Software

Working with Dave Canham was great on a number of levels. Not only does he know how to talk about football (soccer) better than any other American I know, but he is also one of the most focused and detailed sales managers I have worked with.  Working with Dave, we were truly able to drive integrated Sales and Marketing initiatives where every member of our teams knew their role and the value of their contribution.  Dave’s contribution to the building of the detailed SFDC and Lead Flow infrastructure to support the multimillion dollar business cannot be underestimated.  Dave is a knowledgeable and experienced sales professional and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Jon Relvas, Director of Sales Operations | Aspect Software

Dave was a great leader and mentor for me at Direct Alliance while we worked together in New Business operations. He was very skilled at understanding the needs of clients and putting forth the best proposal. Dave had great command of the intricacy of proposal and the P&L's that go along with the proposal. I would work with Dave again anywhere.