About Dave Canham


Dave Canham is your B2B Sales Accelerator.  He can help you operationalize excellence in Sales Management.  Dave will equip your Sales Management team with the tools, disciplines and best practices that optimize the performance of your Sales team and enable sustainable, predictable growth. 

Dave started his career at IBM with roles in sales, marketing and business process management.   Since then, he's had the opportunity to further develop extensive skills and experience in leading and enabling sales organizations for companies of all sizes (i.e., Insight, CA Technologies, OpenText, etc.) in the U.S and globally.    Over the years, he's developed strong passion and talent for finding ways to “operationalize” sales excellence. 

As you know, B2B Sales is becoming increasingly complex and recent trends show fewer reps are achieving quota. Realizing ROI and getting traction on sales performance and training initiatives is becoming more and more difficult.  CSO Insights research confirms that organizations who have effectively implemented dynamic sales processes report 26% more reps achieving quota, 19% higher deal win rate and 22% lower attrition rate for sales.  

Dave loves working with companies to identify and implement specific improvements in their sales management system to increase win rates, improve sales productivity and shorten the sales cycle.  There’s a huge need and a fantastic ROI when these are delivered.  

Are you satisfied with how your Sales Team is performing?  If not, contact Dave today!

(480) 209-6997 | dcanham@salesacceler8r.com